At TAE Academy, our mission is to inspire, empower, and transform individuals by providing high-quality training and education in the VET Sector.

Through our programs, we aim to transform individuals by providing them with another dimension of knowledge and skills. We create career opportunities beyond the traditional classroom, equipping our participants with the ability to seek and bring back valuable insights to their schools or organisations. We cultivate a growth mindset that fosters continuous personal and professional growth.


We lead by example, leveraging unwavering commitment, innovative ideas, proven processes, and a team of passionate individuals. By leading our participants towards continuous learning and growth, empowering them to achieve their goals, and enabling them to make an impact on their respective industries.


Customer Centricity

Everything we do is about exceeding customer expectations. We provide exceptional support, efficient delivery, and effective communication.


We believe in the power of working together. We encourage sharing of ideas, knowledge, and skills to achieve common goals.


We thrive in owning our actions and delivering on what we promise. We inspire others by leading by example and taking initiative.

Constant improvement

We foster a culture of sharing and collaboration, encouraging the exchange of ideas and innovative thinking. We stay updated with industry trends and developments, remaining relevant and future-focused.

Hard (but fun) work!

We work hard to be successful, and it's more satisfying when we are enjoying ourselves.

Pushing through challenges with a smile on our faces makes the journey even more rewarding!

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