What qualification do I need to become a trainer?

Behind the jargon and Vocational Education & Training (VET) industry ‘fine print’, there exists one simple answer to this question.

To work with or for a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) as a Vocational Education Trainer and/or Assessor, in any State or Territory of Australia, you will need as a mandatory minimum* requirement:

The TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Presently, this is the most current version of the training and assessment qualification and it consists of 10 units of competency: 9 core (mandatory) units and one elective unit.

Full and successful completion of this 10-unit course is intended to ensure you meet the trainer and assessor credential requirements* prescribed by the Standards for RTOs, known as the Standards for RTO’s 2015.

The 10 units of the course will guide you in:

  • Navigating accredited training packages and VET sector requirements
  • Determining training programs to suit client (Students/Learners) needs and designing meaningful learning programs
  • Understanding the different approaches to supporting students in their learning
  • Delivering quality training to both groups and individuals in both education and workplace settings
  • Creating quality assessments and conducting assessment 
  • Validating assessment approaches.

This content will be included in the TAE40116 qualification offered by any RTO. The TAE Academy difference is in the way it is customised and contextualised to suit each specific cohort; from Secondary Schools (VETiS), to private RTOs and TAFE Institutes, to community providers and corporate workplaces.

If you have a trade, or you are industry skilled based on work-place experience or specialised knowledge, it’s worth investigating your options on how you can share this and combine it with your passion and desire to help others. The rewards that follow are on-going.

*This is for a new entrant into the VET sector. For further clarification of the ‘minimum’ requirement as a VET Trainer and/or Assessor, please see this webpage.

by Christine Lizzul
TAE Trainer & Assessor

About The Author

Christine Lizzul first entered the VET sector as a TAFE trade teacher in 1997 when the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) was relatively new. Once she had gained experience working for a number of Private Providers and TAFE Institutes over several years, she decided to start her own Registered Training Organisation (RTO). 

The 11 years that followed were a combination of navigating compliance requirements and maintaining both professional and industry standards. From this, Christine has developed a deep level of understanding of the systems and processes required to maintain compliance with the regulated standards.

Over the years, Christine has seen many changes to the trainer and assessor credential requirements. As a proud Trainer and Assessor for the TAE Academy, Christine enjoys sharing her knowledge in a meaningful and relatable way with her participants.